Massage comes in many different forms (Sports, Clinical and “Deep Tissue”) these have their own unique techniques but the goal is always the same…to make you feel better. It can be used as part of a rehab programme, used to ‘calm things’ after a sporting even, bring relief to pain or just used to be relaxing. 

There are many confusing beliefs and misconceptions about Massage, such as: It needs to be painful to work, the harder you push, the tighter the muscles are, muscle “knots” need to be released, it’s not working unless it’s hurting.

Luckily research has progressed on during recent years and shows that these beliefs aren’t quite as accurate as we thought. 

Our Massage Therapists keep up to date with the latest research so they can adapt their treatments to improve your chance of getting the most out of your sessions. 


    Rather than just trying to rub the pain or giving you a “pummelling” our Massage Therapists fully assess you before treatment to find out why maybe getting the pain. We can then work more effectively on the areas of discomfort, as well as the potential underlying causes of pain to give the most beneficial results.

    Massage doesn’t just have to be used when you are in discomfort. Many of our clients visit our clinics before or after their event to reduce the feeling of muscle tightness or soreness to allow them to return to their sport and prepare for the next event more quickly.  

    We don’t just see people in pain or athletes, a number of people we see come for a massage because it feels good and improves their wellbeing.

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