ScarWork is a gentle, and completely painless approach series of techniques that aid in reconfiguring the soft tissue, normally reducing the adhesions left by scarring and improving the scar’s appearance. 

Adhesions connect structures that shouldn’t necessarily be connected – These adhesions can restrict range of motion, performance as well as organ function – In some cases, adhesions can create pain too.

Our ScarWork Therapists were trained in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork and combined, have over 20 years of experience working on scars, helping to release restrictions and restore range of motion to a variety of people. 

Who is ScarWork for?

ScarWork is ideal for anyone who’s undergone surgery or had an injury. Our ScarWork Therapists have worked with a variety of people and scars include c-sections, hip replacements, key hole surgeries and even dental work.

Athletes have seen huge benefits froms ScarWork too – Restoring mobility and function after a surgery could make all the difference in your performance and ability to excel in your sport.

Bonnie Southgate

Bonnie had a successful career as a professional ballerina, dancing with ABT in the USA before moving to the UK and joining the Royal Ballet as a First Soloist.

Maria Seager

Maria was an athlete competing in the Heptathlon at a national level before specialising in Pole Vault and competing on an international level for Great Britain.

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