Our talented team of sports therapy specialists work with sports men and women of all ages and abilities to not only help prevent injury but also to rehabilitate you back to your optimum levels of functional, and sports specific fitness.

When it comes to rehabilitation, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. And because of that, we take the time to assess each client’s needs and requirements from their sport. 


As members of the Sports Therapy Association, we have the knowledge, skills and ability to: 

  • Utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise performance, preparation and injury prevention programmes.

  • Assess, treat, rehabilitate if appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.

  • Provide appropriate soft tissue treatments (including massage, trigger point release, muscle energy techniques and scarwork)

  • Plan and implement rehabilitation programmes for returning to training / work which are tailored to your specific needs and body. 

Many of our Sports Therapists have had professional careers in various sports so we understand the stresses your body endures for your sport. We can also relate to that feeling when you pick up an injury – We understand how it feels to want to return to your sport or even just be pain-free. And it’s our goal to help facilitate that – getting you back to your optimum in the most efficient way possible!

So if you have an injury, or you’re looking to improve your performance, then why not book in with one of us at The Core, Ferndown!

Meet our Sports Therapists and Specialists…

Bonnie Southgate

Bonnie our founding teacher, teacher trainer, and studio owner started her career as a Ballerina with American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet.

First introduced to Pilates in the 1980s while recovering from a dance injury, Bonnie felt the benefits were so profound that she wanted to learn more about Pilates and eventually decided to train as a Pilates teacher. 

She underwent 3 years of training under the tuition of Suzanne Scott through the Pilates Foundation UK in both Mat work and the Pilates Equipment. 

Bonnie has continued to train as a biomechanics specialist, John Gibbons Body Master, Sports Therapist, Rock Doc,  Neurokinetic Therapist, and has taken too many continuing education courses to list. As a result, she has developed her Pilates to integrate these other therapies to create a much more effective way of treating people. 

Having a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) – Bonnie now specialises in treating those with hypermobility or a hypermobility syndrome

Alex Moore

Alex is a Pilates Therapist and Sports Therapist. His treatments offer a range of different skills which include Massage, Manual Therapy, Biomechanics coaching & Pilates.

Instead of just simply treating the symptoms, a full assessment is carried out to highlight any potential underlying causes which could be resulting in pain. From here the skills mentioned above are used to help correct the underlying issues, as well as work on reducing the current symptoms.

Whilst training to be a sports therapist, Alex held a number of different roles in local health clubs, ranging from a fitness instructor to various managerial roles. He decided to become a Sports Therapist after recovering from his own previous injury.

Alex has worked with top level footballers, golfers, dancers and gymnasts. Outside of work he still takes part in adult trampoline classes, as well as a variety of fitness classes.

Maria Seager

Maria is a Pilates Therapist, ScarWorker and Sports Specialist. She is also currently training in Craniosacral Therapy. 

She was a gymnast from a very young age before moving onto a successful career as an athlete. Having competed at a national level in the Heptathlon, she then specialised in the Pole Vault where she competed internationally for Great Britain.

Having come from a movement background, she has a keen eye for the arthrokinematics of the body, assessing the body as a whole and identifying the drivers of dysfunction. 

Her first-hand experience within international competition means that she recognises the dedication and commitment required to succeed in your sport, and equally understands the trials and tribulations when injury strikes. 

Maria has worked with a range of various sports men and women including rugby players, golfers, athletes, dancers and yachtsman assisting them in both a rehabilitative setting as well as strength, conditioning and performance enhancing environment.  

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